We strive to offer diverse, one-of-a-kind items from around the world in a perfect harmony of international art and contemporary American design for art-to-wear, art-to-decorate, and art-to-give for you.    








           Our main goal is to provide unique home decor, which is handmade by well known designers and artist for your home, office or any other places that you spent time. Life is getting colorful if you live in artfully decorated places. Here you will find a very large collection of pictures, watercolor pictures, sculptures, centerpieces, wall decor, handblown glass decor, flower arrangements, lighted flowers which have purely decorative functions as well as the items that you can use in your daily life such as accent furnitures, chandeliers, lamps, clocks, kitchen items like measuring spoons and measuring cups, stoneware canisters, spoon rests, coffee scoops, kitchen knifes, tabletop serving and decorating pieces like trays, platters, plates, bottle stoppers, salad servers, spreaders, cheese knives, napkin holders, ice buckets, decanters, coasters,mirrors, vases, home fragrance lamps, night lights, candles, frames, gemstone globes, perfume bottles, jewelry boxes, music boxes, trinket keepsake boxes….These are not just functional they also are very decorative.  

            You can take the gift giving to the next level with our home collection. You will create a beautiful smile on your loved ones face with these gifts. Or simply give the opportunity and let them choose from our collection.Give them our gift card…

            In this collection we proudly present regularly new items from Bovano of Cheshire, Max Howard, Peggy Karr Glass, Baijan Glass, Badash Crystal, St. Petersburg Glass, Kitras, Ercolano boxes, Hilary London Home, Crosby and Taylor, Ibis and Orchids Design, Knobstoppers, Adam Jablonski, Tejas Art Deco, Still Life Home, Table Art by Michael Michaud, Neqwa Art, Cohn Stone Studios, Art All, Art by PJ and many more….

           Holiday Decor also gets better with unique and handmade art pieces. Check out our collection for Christmas and Hanukkah Decor. You will find a perfect one to complete your owncollection.


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