We strive to offer diverse, one-of-a-kind items from around the world in a perfect harmony of international art and contemporary American design for art-to-wear, art-to-decorate, and art-to-give for you.   








            If you are looking unique and handmade designer jewelry, here is the place. Most of the designers we present, creates usually at least two new collection each year. We proudly present beautiful pieces from Anna Balkan, Ayala Barr, Hilary London, Dori Csengeri, Bora Jewelry by Bora Yasar, AJS Design Studio by Andrea Justine Stratton, Nina Nguyen, Seeka by Nachshon Peleg, Yoolie`s Jewelry by Yoolie Perry Peleg, Rena Luxx, SolaLuna by Venturi Renato, Still-Life by Michale Dancer, Volpino, Zia Couture Jewelry by Zia, City of David, Firefly by Juan Carlos Chavajay Vasquez, Bovano Jewelry, Nastava Jewelry by Beverly Grant, Michael Michaud and more. Each piece of jewelry is designed by the artists and handmade by the jewelry master craftsmen mainly in USA, Israel, Turkey, India, Italy, Guatemala, and Vietnam.  All of the jewelry are made of tarnish-resistant hypo-allergenic metal. Metal of choice usually is either steel, gold, platinum, silver or gold and silver plated. Volpino creates their jewelry with acrylic. Highest quality Swarovski or Austrian crystals and fire polished glass Czech beads, Murano glass, Semi-precisious and precisious stones,  bohemian beads, shells, wood, found objects, fabric and leather make each piece of jewelry ornately distinctive, a piece of art.In our collection you will also find seasonal, fashion jewelry designs. Our fashion jewelry is also handmade and they are the highest quality fashion jewelry that you can find in the market. Designs are elegant yet oriented. Price range is very reasonable. Since we carry only one or two of each design they are also very unique like our designer jewelry collection. 

            In order to keep uniqueness and be able to bring the latest collections we only carry one of two pieces from each design. However, most jewelry pieces can be re-ordered if the design is not retired. If you like a piece but it is out of stock here, please email us to find out its re-order status. 





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